Pedagogical staff

The staff of the school consists of talented artists-teachers. Many teachers are members of the Union of Artists and the Union of Designers and have the maximum qualifying category. It is especially pleasant that the young pedagogical shift is represented by former graduates of the school. The majority of teachers combine teaching with active creative activity — they participate in city, regional and international exhibitions. A good tradition to hold personal exhibitions of artists-teachers in the Chimney hall of the school. Teachers benevolently and patiently teach children to see, understand and appreciate the beautiful, to develop creative thinking, teach craftsmanship. Remarkable teachers Zykov V.K. (Honored Art Worker) and Kovaleva V.I. have devoted many years to work in school. Even after retirement, Olyalina G.A. continues to share her experience with children, she gives seminars and master-classes for young teachers. To make the child interested, to distinguish its abilities, to help in becoming of a creative person — it is not a simple task of each teacher.